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Manuel Fajardo
Chief Investment Officer, OCEAN CAPITAL ADVISORS

Manuel was the CEO of Ocean Capital Advisors LLC, a US registered investment advisor, until he stepped back to take the role of CIO/CTO to focus on the creation of complex financial products and to manage the company investment vehicles. While CIO, he created, in collaboration with James B. Rogers, the Cassandra Artificial Intelligence, a highly complex neural network which is currently used to produce new alternative financial indexes and exchange-traded products, including the Rogers AI Global Macro Index which is being used by the BIKR ETF. He was the portfolio manager of the USA Market Stability Fund from March 2017 to June 2018, and he is currently Director of Quadriga Strategies Master-Feeder Fund, a highly proficient investment vehicle of Quadriga Asset Managers SGIIC, the management division of Auriga Global Investors SV, one of the most prominent alternative investment managers in Spain, where he started his career in finance as a currency trader. Apart from this, Manuel is leading innovation efforts in the blockchain space having presented a patent under the name "Stochastic Issuance Allocation Method Towards Achieving Cryptocurrency Price Stability". Prior to establishing the investment advisor, he was the Managing Partner of Ocean Capital Management Ltd., a company that acted as investment manager to various hedge funds and SPVs. During this time, he acted as director and chief hedge fund manager of Proteus Multistrategy Fund, where he lead a team of portfolio managers. Mr. Fajardo specialized in quantitative and technical analysis at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles, IEB (Madrid).