For the past twelve years, the Annual ETF Global Awards® Dinner and Workshop has bought together the most progressive industry experts in celebrating the continued growth of the exchange traded product (ETP) marketplace. We are honored once again to host the event on April 20, 2017 at Convene at 237 Park Avenue, NYC.

The workshop forums are designed to target the issues and challenges that currently affect the current ETP marketplace. A few of the discussions topics include Smart Beta and Actively-managed ETFs, market liquidity, developments in the indexing landscape, efficient portfolio construction, regulation, technology, and market conditions impacting product development and growth.

It is a one of the most highly respected events held in the ETP marketplace and provides attendees a unique insight into the exchange traded product marketplace.

The ETF Global Awards® Dinner is held after the workshop cocktail reception. The purpose of these awards is to recognize those who have contributed to the development of the ETP industry world-wide. Some awards are determined by votes and others by statistical ranking information. Statistical rankings have been conducted by a well-known ETF analysts.

The voting ballots are sent out to ETF Industry participants worldwide, and the results are a representation of the views of the industry.

Award categories include the Nate Most Greatest Contribution to the ETF Industry Award, Most Recognized ETF Brand, Best Research, Largest Growth of Assets under Management, Most Innovative ETF or ETP product among others.

Registration is open to all industry professionals, academia, and members of the press. Complimentary registration is available for the workshop to qualified financial professionals.

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Conference Agenda
Thursday, April 20, 2017

3:30 pm



4:00 PM

Time to have the conversation: Actively-Managed & Smart Beta ETFs: Risks And Benefits
What every investor needs to know about managing risk, generating returns and portfolio management.


5:00 PM

The Global ETP Market Place evolution-how will the market grow?
What changes are occurring in the ETP marketplace-how is regulation, technology and market conditions impacting product development and growth?


6:00 PM

Cocktail Reception

7:00 PM

Global ETF Awards® Dinner