We are hosting the 14th Annual Global ETF Awards® Conference & Dinner on July 19, 2018 in New York City. The purpose of these awards is to recognize those who have contributed to the development of the ETP industry world-wide. Some awards are determined by votes and others by statistical ranking information. Statistical rankings have been conducted by a well-known ETF analysts. The voting forms are sent out to ETF Industry participants worldwide, and the results are a representation of the views of the industry.

Please read our FAQs below if you have questions.


What are the Global ETF AWARDS®?
The Global ETF AWARDS® is one the most respected events in the ETP marketplace.

A few of the award categories include The Nate Most Greatest Contribution to the ETF Industry, Most Innovative ETF Index, Largest Growth of Assets under Management, Most Active Market Maker in ETF trading, Most Innovative ETF or ETP product.
Please visit www.globaletfawards.com for a complete list of catagories.

Prior to the awards dinner, we also host a afternoon workshop in order for people from various parts of the world to discuss issues of common interest. Some of the topics include the current status of ETF Products and Indexes internationally, issues currently affecting the markets, fixed income products, commodities, trading strategies, liquidity, portfolio management, and upcoming trends. The conference provides a unique and educational insight into the ETP marketplace. *

How are the winners selected?
Voting forms are sent out to industry participants worldwide. There are separate categories for the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. The voting period is 3 weeks. The votes are then screened and must meet a criteria. Please note that there is just one vote per company (legal entity). The voter's information is solely used to verify the validity of the ballot and is not made public. Every investment institution and industry participant worldwide is encouraged to vote.

In addition, a few award winners are determined by statistical information. This information is provided by well-known ETF research providers.

When are the winners announced?
The winners are to be announced at the 14th Annual Global ETF Awards®®to be held in New York on July 19, 2018 at the New York City.

To view more information on the Global ETF Awards® visit www.globaletfawards.com

Are there fees or costs associated with winning?
Absolutely not. There is no sponsoring of an award, there are no advertisements to be purchased. Winners are selected solely by votes cast by the industry or by research data.

How can one participate?
We encourage industry professionals who are interested in speaking to contact acreyes@exchangetradedfunds.com

Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. It is an excellent opportunity for exposure to the global ETF industry. Contact sponsor@exchangetradedfunds.com.

Who can attend the event?
Registration is open to all industry professionals, academia and members of the press. Complimentary registration is available to the conference for qualified investment advisors.
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If you have any further questions please contact acreyes@exchangetradedfunds.com

We look forward to seeing you there!

*CE credit pending