13th Annual Global ETF Awards®Agenda-Thursday April 20, 2017
Convene, 237 Park Avenue, New York

3:30 pm - 4:00 pmRegistration

4:00 pm

Time to have the conversation: Actively-Managed & Smart Beta ETFs: Risks And Benefits
Julie Abbett, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan

Mike Castino, Senior Vice President, U.S. Bancorp Fund Services, LLC
Dodd Kittsley, CFA, Director, DAVIS ADVISORS
Michael Krause, President, AltaVista Research
Scott Szever, Director of Exchange Traded Products, New York Stock Exchange
Mike Venuto, CIO, Toroso Investments

5:00 pm

The Global ETP Market Place evolution-how will the market grow?
What changes are occurring in the ETP marketplace-how is regulation, technology and market conditions impacting product development and growth?

Andrew Pfeifer, Relationship Executive, BNY MELLON

Rod Jones, Head of North America, STOXX
Samuel Masucci, CEO & Founder, ETF Managers Group
Rory Riggs, CEO, Founder SYNTAX
Coen van Sevenhoven, Co-Managing Director and Head of Trading, Flow Traders US LLC
Bibb Strench, Partner, THOMPSON HINE

6:00 pm

Cocktail Reception

7:00 pm

Global ETF Awards® Dinner